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How To Identify Ideal Money Making Web Opportunities

In terms of money making oportunities nothing compares to the Internet for it's potential to spawn new businesses and generate revenue. Wheather you are an  business bemoth like Facebook or smply an affilitae marketeer making a living, the Internet holds a world of money making opportunities. 'If you know how to do it!'

However, for someone with nothing but time to invest it can be hard to figure out where to start. Not only that, it can be even harder to find where the opportunities are.

Google Keyword Tool

One of the best sources of marketing information is the FREE Google Keyword tool. Think about what keywords potential customers would be using in Google to search for your particular product. Enter these into the Keyword Tool and this will show you how many times it has been searched for in the last 30 days, both locally and globally. From this you will be able to ascertain two things; Firstly the size of your potential market and secondly the best keywords to target, i.e. the ones with the most search traffic.

Of course you can also use this to research markets for different types of products, in other words 'find the market first then find the products to sell into this market'. 

The second tool is Google itself. Take your chosen keywords from above and do a search and see what your competitors are selling and at what price. This will give you a good idea if you can be competitive and / or if you can add value to the offer.

Commission Blueprint Evolution

If your are seriosuly interested in finding new money making opportunities or even earning a full-time living online the I would check out this course: Commission Blueprint Evolution. It has been developed by two guys; Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, from their original course, Commission Blueprint.

When I got started in affiliate marketing I wasted a lot of time and energy doing everything the wrong way! Which is somewhat surprising considering I'm suposed to be an expert in ecommerce, which I am, but being a techie I spent all my tme on building slick sites and nothing on the marketing side. As you can imagine my efforts were frustratingly unrewarding.

Then I went a bought Steve and Tim's previous course 'Commission Blueprint 2', and my eyes were opened. I cant reccomend it highly enough, I still use it today. It thought me all the basics of SEO, Google advertising, Artilce marketing, and a whole bunch more. If I were to have any criticisim it would be they tried to pack too much in to it.

As you probably know, the internet is an ever-evolving, dynamic environment. So it makes sense that the Commission Blueprint program also evolves with it, hence the name – Commission Blueprint Evolution. And these guys have been helping people make money via the internet through various internet marketing and affiliate programs for many years now – and have the proof to back it up. Indeed, they’ve been making a real and substantial profit via the internet since 2005, so their experience is certainly not in question.

Commission Blueprint Evolution is a complete program that you can download right onto your computer and consists of the following:

Component #1: The Workbook. This is what makes up the bulk of the program. 115 pages crammed with the knowledge you need to truly manipulate the internet in a completely legitimate and accurate manner, ensuring the highest possible affiliate returns for you via your own series of websites. The strategy is set out in easy to follow, step-by-step guides that even the most novice of internet marketers will find easy to understand. If you are brand new to internet marketing world consider yourself lucky. I’d highly recommend buying Commission Blueprint Evolution and then blocking out all distractions for the next 60 days and just follow their system.

Component #2: The Videos. Nine full-length instruction videos that once again cover the exact strategies you need to replicate the guy’s success. Ideal for those who prefer to learn by watching and listening, as opposed to reading from a text book.

Component #3: The Software. Specifically designed software tools that work with the techniques taught in the workbook and videos. Between the software and the website templates alone you are getting your money’s worth.

Component #4: The Website Templates. Because without the right type of highly converting websites, then your chances of drawing an income drop substantially. In fact, the wrong kind of website is one of the major reasons many (or even most) people fail to gain the income they want from the internet. (Note: I would have paid the full price of the course just for these templates)

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Who is this Suitable for? One thing that became instantly noticeable when checking out the program for this Commission Blueprint Evolution review was its simplicity. Tim and Steve really have set it out in a way that’s easy to follow, no matter if you’re a technological whizz kid or still new to the wonders of the internet. If you have purchased anything from Tim and Steve you know what I mean. Whether you’re looking for a complete business that you can work full-time or an alternative income solution that can run alongside your existing internet (or bricks and mortar) business, then Commission Blueprint Evolution will give you everything you need to do just that.  Even if you work a regular 9-5 job you can still run this money-making strategy in your spare time!

However, this is not a magic bullet, you DO need to put some hard work in, especially initially to get your sites up and running. Remember that, as the internet is constantly evolving, so you will also need to evolve your business along with it. Commission Blueprint Evolution gives you the information you need to set up and, if you put the work in, have a very real possibility of making a lot of money. But this won’t happen without your input. So if you’re looking for something that’ll provide you with the Hollywood lifestyle without having to do anything, then it’s time to return to the land of unrealised hopes and dreams (and make sure you keep buying that lottery ticket!).

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