How to be number ONE in Google?

Easy really… your website should have lots of original content and lots of links from other websites… simple as that… OK, OK, I know… easier said than done, but that’s the basic principle.

Being top dog in Google for your preferred phrase can bring rich rewards for an ecommerce business so it pays to give it consideration. Basically it’s free traffic … the best sort of traffic.

So how does Google decide who’s the top of the pile and who’s an also ran? Well think about what Google wants to show the searcher. It’s main focus to give the user the best bang for their buck, and that means accurate results along with a few options. A search in Google for anything will give you 10 ‘organic’ results on the first page broken down into webpages, news, video, a few images or products, and wrapped up with a handful of ads. Pretty impressive stuff, deciding what to return out of millions of possibilities, but probably more importantly, what to discard, and that’s how Google want’s to keep it because there is always a competitor lurking in the Internet long grass ready to give them a hard time.

So how does it decide. Well firstly it has a quick look to see what it’s got on offer for that search term, then it checks to see if these results also have key words that would be related. (Think of that game ‘give me the first word that comes into your head when I say Elephant’, you know the one). Next it will discard any websites with similar content, content duplication is a big no no for Google. Variety is the spice of life for search results.

This first process culls the possibilities down considerably but Google is not finished yet.

The next process Google utilises is ‘The Wisdom of the Crowd’. In essence Google outsources the problem. It makes the assumption that if the website it’s considering presenting to it’s valued customer is worthy of the title then other sites on the web will have linked to it. In other words how many ‘votes’ does this site have and the what’s quality of the voter.

So… the two things you need to think about are;


The quality of the content on your site, and we are talking ‘text’ here, Google has difficulty reading anything else.

 Try this:  enter ‘site:yoursiteaddress’ in to Google and it will return all the pages it has in it’s index for your site. This will give you an idea of your content.



Links, how may sites link to yours and what ‘link text’ they are they using.

 Try this:  Go to and enter your website address. This will show you how many other sites link to you.

The first phase is usually referred to as on page seo, the second is link building. Both together are collectively know as SEO.


Of the two, link building is the most important… by far. We’ve had sites with little or no content but lot of links and still retain a good ranking in Google. Conversely we have sites with tons of good content with few links and they hardly register a beep on Google’s radar. So it’s link building that will really make a difference to your rank in Google.

If your new years resolution is to do more marketing of your website then some time spent on link building could be well worth it.